Kerri Cook

Owner of 'The Tilted Platter'

James Allen has helped open my mind and heart during a time of transition. He is a kind, wise, and thought-provoking coach.

Serafin Miranda

Owner of 'S.B.A. Janitorial Services'

Since being coached by James, my life has changed at an astronomical pace for the good. Now I'm constantly using the knowledge that I have learned with James in every aspect of my life. I will highly recommend James Allen as a coach to anyone that wants to improve their life.

Branden Bowman

Owner of 'Discipline Over Comfort'

James goes above and beyond expectations when he speaks about unlocking your true self. The passion that he projects is engaging and inspiring! He has truly been a key factor to my overall improvement and satisfaction in my life.


Step 1: Confidence In Yourself

Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

You cannot create great change or lead with true purpose until you start with yourself. This is the first step in achieving amazing results.

A confident family, team, and industry begins with a confident leader.

It begins with you.

Start Here

Step 2: Confidence In Your Dreams

The most confident and fulfilled people in this world, the one's that make a serious impact, all have dreams.

When you are able to take charge of your life by knowing where you want to go, knowing what you want to experience or create, and have the trust that you will find a way to make it happen, you will have truly unshakeable confidence.

Start Building Your Dream Now

Step 3: Confidence In Your Teams

No one can accomplish great things on their own. Having a team of unique individuals that trust, understand, and work well together is paramount.

Your team can be your employees, your family, sports team, or group.

James has hosted workshops to many different groups, organizations, and teams including the Sonoma County Devil Pups, Rotary, and Mass Mutual Insurance.


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