Setting Clear Intentions

May 11, 2021

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all of the things you have to focus on in life?

Moving from your business or work to spending time with family and friends but still thinking about work?

It can feel like balancing on a ball while juggling sometimes.

As High-Performers, we do a lot.

And we want to excel in what we do, which can lead to overwhelm at times.

So what do we do?

Remember that High Performers are highly intentional with their actions.

They set a clear intention before they do something.

Here's a practice for you:

When making a transition...

(i.e. going from work to family, family to work, gym to friends, etc.)


Take a deep breath in through the nose,

Out through the mouth.

Set your intention by saying...

"I'm about to go do (x). Who do I want to be while I do this?"

PRO TIP: Always come from your best self.

Ask yourself...

"What would the best version of myself do right now?"

"How would they show up?"

John Burrough said,

"The smallest deed is better than...

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How To Find Your Answers

May 04, 2021

Have you ever heard someone say,


"All of the answers are inside of you."?


And you think...


"Well, if the answers were inside of me, why can't I find them!?"


Truth is...


The answers really ARE inside of you!


You just need to know how to access them.


Thing is...


It's difficult to find your answers purely on a conscious level.


The REAL answers lie in your unconscious mind.


"Ok... So how do I find em?"


Here's How To Find Your Answers:


1. Start by generating state


Your answers lie in a different energetic state.


We want to match our vibration (energy) with our vision.


Consider this...


Have you ever made a good decision in anger, fear, or frustration?


Typically no.


When we are in a more positive state, we can access better answers.


To get into a positive state,


Write down 10 things you are grateful for, or that you deeply appreciate in your life...

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3 Ways To Develop Discipline

Apr 27, 2021

Pop quiz!
On a scale of 1-10...
How disciplined are you?
1 = "I can never commit to and stick with something"
10 = "I stick with what I say I am going to do in every aspect of my life. Always."
Abraham Lincoln said, "Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most."
Discipline is the skill that separates the Dreamers from the Doers.

Here are 3 Ways To Develop Discipline:


1. Surround yourself with expansive and positive people

We are most like in thought, income, and action as the five people we surround ourselves with most often. 
Ask Yourself...
"Who are the people I can surround myself with who will stretch and expand my life?"

2. Expose yourself to positive input

This is what books, magazines, music, radio, television, movies, media, etc. you consume that influence your thinking.
What kind of...
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Focus on Adding Value

Apr 20, 2021

We often hear, "add more value!" or "it's all about adding value", "focus on adding value".

But what does that really mean?

Adding value is about making people's lives better, smoother, faster, more enjoyable.

This could mean...

- Making people laugh more.

- Inspiring them.

- Motivating them to do what they really want

- Acknowledging positive traits in another.

- Telling someone they look amazing today.

- Getting a job done faster

- Doing a job better, etc.

Competent people are more valuable people.

The world needs more competent leaders.

The biggest question to ask yourself is...

"Is what I'm about to say (or do) going to add value?"

When you put your attention on improving the lives of others, you will become more valuable.

And by doing so, you will experience:

- More joy.

- More opportunity.

- Better quality relationships.

- Greater confidence in yourself.

- More happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Everybody wins when you focus on adding value.

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Make Your Dreams Happen By Creating Consequences

Apr 13, 2021

Do you find yourself pushing goals and dreams off for "one day"?
Let's face it...
Our dreams and aspirations won't happen until we fully commit to them.
Many people in this world say they're going to make their dreams happen and what happens?
Months go by...
Years go by...
Nothing changes.
But why is that?
People don't create consequences when they don't take action towards their dreams.
We can talk about our dreams all we want.
But until the rubber hit's the road... 
(i.e. taking some friggin action!)
Those dreams will remain ideas.
That's why we have to make our dreams happen by creating consequences.
If your dream is to take your family on an epic vacation...
Book the hotel!
Consequence: You'll lose that money if you DON'T go!
If your dream is to leave your...
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1 Practice For Happiness

Apr 06, 2021

Wouldn't it be great to have 1 Practice For Happiness?
1 simple thing you could do to get into an energetic high of feeling happy and abundant anytime you needed it?
Do you ever wonder what the primary difference between someone who doesn't have a lot but is happy, compared to someone that has "everything" and isn't?
One word...
Gratitude is the most powerful discipline we can practice as human beings.
My definition of gratitude is:
"The experience of deep appreciation for what you have right now."
Gratitude = appreciation
A life of appreciation is a rich life.
Regardless of how much you have.
Gratitude can bring you from an energetic low into an energetic high in minutes.
Question is...
How do we practice gratitude?
Here is 1 Practice For Happiness (aka gratitude)
Practice saying "thank you for (x)"
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5 Steps To Deal With Negative People

Apr 02, 2021

 Let's face it...

There are some Karens out there.

You know, those people that are just straight a** holes?


Unfortunately, we can't just "cut everyone away" that makes our life difficult.

If done in an unnecessary way, that can actually be toxic.

Question is...

"What if these monkey butts are my family, my co-workers, my boss, or my spouse, even!?"

"It's kind of hard to just kick those people out of my life!"



Here are 5 Steps To Deal With Negative People:

1. Don’t take it personally

Everyone is in their own little world and you have NO IDEA what they're thinking about.

You have no idea what they're going through.

You have no idea how much sleep they got.

God forbid...

If they're hangry.

Don't take it personally.

(read the 4 Agreements)

2. Refuse to consume their poison

Words, behavior, energy, etc.

You have a conscious choice to take in this person's poison when they act out (for whatever reason)

Or not.

It's your choice.

You'll know when...

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10 Secrets To Be More Competent

Mar 29, 2021

The world needs more competent people!
Competent people get more opportunities, get paid more, and are seen as leaders.
Competency = Reliability.

Here are 10 Secrets To Be More Competent:

1. Always be on time.
- Set an alarm for 10 mins beforehand
- Hold yourself accountable with a partner (if and where possible)
2. Maintain a positive attitude (even if it’s something that you don’t want to do)
- Watch / Listen to more comedy.
- Feed your mind with positivity and things you enjoy. (music, ideas, books, articles, videos, etc.)
3. Take care of your health and well being
- Exercise 3-5 days per week.
- Eat natural, whole foods.
- Get enough sleep.
4. Have a bigger purpose for being at work
- Whether that's a new endeavor or a promotion at your current job.
- When you see your work as a vehicle for something...
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How To Raise Your Standards and Get More Out of Life

Mar 24, 2021

What are your standards?
Standards are what separate the pros from the amateurs.
The problem is...
Most people have low and poor standards.
A restaurant serves a meal and there is a fly or two in it.
Before they serve the meal, they notice the fly and decide to serve it anyway.
That is a low standard.
Because of that... 
You most likely wouldn't eat at that restaurant again, or you would be highly skeptical and be inspecting your food if you went there again.
Let's say you're an Olympic sprinter...
Are you just going to casually walk through the finish line?
Of course not.
You SPRINT through the finish line!
What separates Olympians from amateurs is their standards.
So how do we change our standards?
Imagine what you would ultimately love to be, do, have, experience,...
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Make Life Easier Using "The S.E.E. Method"

Mar 22, 2021

Life is complicated...
Every human being on this planet has a complex life (even if their life seems easy).
Because, as human beings, we have a tendency to make things complicated and difficult even when they're not.
Life is simple...
People make things complicated.
Let's simplify life by using what I call "The S.E.E. Method."
S.E.E. stands for...
When we can make things Simple, Efficient, and Effective,
Things are perceived as EASY.
Think about it...
If you have ever worked with a company that made things so simple, they were efficient and highly effective,
You would hire that company again OR be happy to refer that company to others.
Because you easily understood what they were talking about and doing,
They were efficient in their processes,
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