Complete Walkthrough On How To Use The Free Chrome Extension, Toby

Have you ever heard of the Toby Chrome Extension?


If your workflow consists of 25+ tabs open at a time with multiple windows that also have 25+ tabs open, you should be using Toby.


Toby is a free Chrome extension that allows you to organize your tabs into "Collections" and access your most important documents and tabs much faster.


In this lesson, I'm doing a full Toby Chrome extension walkthrough.


We're going to go over the in's and out's of this awesome tool so that by the end of the lesson, you will know what Toby is, where to get it, how I use it, and things to look out for while using it that threw me off in the beginning.


Click here to download the Toby Chrome extension: www.gettoby.com


What we'll cover:

- What is Toby?

- How to get Toby.

- How I use Toby every day.

- How to create Collections.

- What to watch out for.

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